Restaurants – Get Listed!

From mom-and-pop single-store restaurants to national chains, Midlothian is jumping on the delivery bandwagon!

– We strive for cooperation to ensure our customers -and yours- get what they want as quickly as possible.
– On-Site IT: We provide tablets that receive online orders, and troubleshoot any IT issues you may have.
– We provide tablets pre-installed for order taking, as well as setting up printers for your kitchen/cashier.
– We can provide complete turn-key online ordering operations to your existing website and Facebook. Don’t have those? We provide that too – including Facebook page setup & moderation, a mobile ordering app, and we can assist in newsletter & email promo design!
– We can set up/fix/fine tune your SEO. That means more people can find you quickly on the web.(This includes FacebookAds, GoogleAds, TripAdvisor, Yelp and analytics.) Not everyone is into internet advertising, so we do it the old-school way too. Flyer print-outs, photo shoots, video production, EDDMailers, etc

– Easy set up – We build your initial menu, then provide you with a complete dashboard and easy-to-use menu manager. You’ll have complete control over it!

Let’s look at the big picture:
– Marketing is expensive. Marketing means you’ll need more staff. More staff means more expensive. We charge based on a percentage, so if we don’t bring you sales, you don’t pay!

Not only will “Midlothian, Delivered” broaden your sales by offering online ordering, mobile apps, and delivering your product to customers who have never stepped foot in your door, but we average 5,000+ views per post on social media site updates, so let our marketing potential work for you! Bottom line, You run your business, and we’ll push the sales.

From creating an online ordering widget for your restaurant, to troubleshooting issues you’ve had, to boosting your sales campaigns… We Deliver!

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